Cruise Ship Industry has been a fascinating Sector globally engaging a significant number of People, Services and Materials, which all have to operate under strict IMO Classification Standards so to ascertain Safety, Reliability as well as Customer Satisfaction through Leisure onboard the Cruise Ships.APOLLON GROUP is engaging a dedicated Marine Product Portfolio, produced by well-proved Factories with long experience into the Marine Industry, developing superior Materials, which comply with the latest Marine Standards and IMO Certification, while ascertaining Reliability and Safety in Operation as well as Customer Satisfaction through optimum performance.

Cruise Ship scheduled refurbishment and ongoing maintenance onboard the Ships is a challenge daily since Vessel operate 24/7 globally. In return to that necessity, Cruise Ship Materials not only need to provide absolute quality assurance, but also punctual delivery to the given timeline of maintenance/repairs, as well as optimum performance during operation.

APOLLON GROUP offers a significant advantage to our esteemed Cruising Partners & Contractors by engaging three geographically spread Associated Offices in Greece/Europe, Miami/US and Singapore, being in position to offer localized services, ignoring time difference which will always be a serious constraint to Cruise Ships Operations.

IMO Certified Marine Product Portfolio:
– IMO Axminster / Tufted / Wilton Carpet
– IMO Carpet Underlay
– IMO Vinyl Flooring in Planks, Roller and Tiles
– IMO Carpet / Hard Surface / Bulkhead Protection Materials
– IMO Fabric-Backed Contract Wallcoverings
– IMO Artificial Leathers and Pure Leathers
…pls ask for our extended localized Material Portfolio!

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