Today’s highly demanding Society has boosted significantly the speed of Business Expansion, Peoples’ Transportation globally as well as One’s Cultural Interest to explore new Countries at Earth’s extends.

The importance of Hotels and Hospitality has been significant, not only ascertaining Accommodation and Safety to Visitors, but enhancing one’s stay with premium services to reach Customer Satisfaction.
Being able to provide significant Services develops the pre-requisite of developing an optimum Service in terms of the Idea and Implementation prior to launching at Customers. Materials to be selected at Implementation Stage is the key to success for Reliable and Safe Services as well as quality-enhanced Customer Satisfaction.

Apollon Group is engaging a dedicated Hotel Product Portfolio, which is ascertaining Reliability and Safety at Operation, Customer Satisfaction through optimum Performance, and Competitive Pricing which develops a value to the Hotelier as a return on investment.

Flame Retardant Hospitality Product Portfolio:
– Carpet, Carpet Underlay and Carpet Tiles
– Vinyl Flooring in Planks, Roller and Tiles
– Ceramic Tiles and Special Resin Flooring
– Fabric-backed and Paper-backed Wallcoverings
– Fabrics for Curtaining and Upholstery
…pls ask for our extended localized Material Portfolio!

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