APOLLON GROUP is bringing forward a long experience of more than 30 years into the field of Material Selection, Supply and Customer Satisfaction.

Originally established acting as a Contract Material Supplier for local Projects into Hotels and Coastal Vessels. It was soon to understand the immense necessity to follow up on the latest technological Developments of Contract Decorative Materials globally.

Nowadays, APOLLON GROUP has been acting as one of the most reliable Export Managers of well-proven Factories supplying Certified Materials globally.

Key element of success other than our astonishing experience on Material Selection and successful completion of numerous Complicated Projects, is the possibility to operate 24/7 globally, by establishing three (3) individual Offices in Greece/Europe, Miami/US and Singapore so to be able to offer localized services into the given time zones of Project Development.

The Company has today configured internally three Individual Market Divisions, including Hotels & Hospitality, Cruise Ships as well as Yachting Division, each one operating individually, having adopted the corresponding product portfolio and certification necessary for each Segment.

We are today proud to introduce you a Product Portfolio for each one of the Market Segments, which is constituted by proven Contract Decorative Materials under the selective identification of quality assurance, senior certification by worldwide organizations, superior specification and performance along the time, as well as a short lead-time of production to match Project timeline and competitive pricing.

We are pleased to introduce you our Dedicated Product Portfolio for each Market Segment at the URL Project link.